June 9, 2022

I want to share this word that Jesus gave me when I was sitting with Him. I was sitting on the beach with Him, and I was taking in the beauty of the turquoise water that was so clear it took my breath away. He is always so attentive, and I just love spending time with Him.

As I was sitting there, I asked Jesus why it is so important to forgive the ones that have hurt us. I loved His response.

He said, “Anger, hurt, and bitterness intertwine together and wrap you up in it like a blanket swaddles an infant. Just as it’s hard for an infant to move around, so is it difficult for someone with unforgiveness in their heart to live freely. When an infant is swaddled, it brings them comfort – but they eventually break out of that tight swaddle – the infant begins to grow, so they can move around freely.

So many of My children take this swaddling blanket of unforgiveness that is intertwined with anger, hurt, and bitterness, and they wrap it around them tightly, thinking it brings them comfort – when in truth they are surrounded in misery. This is how unforgiveness begins, and it continues to grow and build. My children hold onto it, and some are so consumed by it that they find it difficult to focus on anything else.

Just as an infant eventually breaks out of a swaddled blanket, My children need to
break out and throw off this blanket of unforgiveness that has anger, hurt, and bitterness intertwined in it. And just as an infant is able to move about freely, so are My children that throw off and break away from unforgiveness able to experience freedom.

My children – I know you’ve been hurt. I know you are angry – and sometimes you have good reasons to be angry. The devil – your enemy wants to keep you in this state of anger because he can use it against you; he can use it to destroy you in ways that many of you don’t yet understand.

But if you bring it to Me, I will set you free. I will show you how to let it go, and I will heal your heart. I will do this every single time you bring it to Me. I want to say to you today – just let it go. It is not worth the harm it causes to you and your family.

I will take care of you always.

Forgive – as I have forgiven you.”

Isn’t that a good word?! I’ve been there – I let the anger, hurt, and bitterness swaddle me up tightly, not realizing the harm it was causing me. But He showed me – time and time again – He walked me through how to forgive and let it go, and I walk freely in forgiveness.

Just let it go, and let God handle it. Amen.

In His love,