May 30, 2022

As I was praying, Jesus invited me to come up to Him. I was in awe because we were high up on a mountain. I could see trees all around me – these were TALL trees – MASSIVE trees! I’m always amazed at how nature reacts to Jesus when He is near. These trees would sway or lean towards Him as we walked by. The leaves were rustling because they knew He was near, and it was a beautiful sound.

We went to sit down close to the edge of a cliff, and I saw a beautiful waterfall across from where we were sitting. Again, the grass reacted to Jesus’ presence – it looked and felt alive.

As we sat, Jesus asked me, “What does faith mean to you?”

I replied, “So much. My faith has brought me through some really difficult times in my life. It helped me overcome sin; it brought me closer to You. When I thought I couldn’t take any more; when I was ready to give up – I would come to You and beg for help, and I’ll never forget the words You said to me. They were, “have faith.”

It was hard at first, but I did. I chose to have faith, and those words encouraged me to hang on – to push through the trial or storm until it was over. I learned to go deeper in my faith.

It is like an onion. I would peel a layer off, thinking I had learned so much, but then I realized there was another layer. There is so much depth to faith. When I thought I couldn’t go on, my faith in You is what held me together.”

Jesus nodded and said, “Faith seems like a mystery to so many, and yes – there is so much depth to it. All my children need to do is have faith as small as a mustard seed. Once it is planted in your heart, it will begin to grow. We see the seed, and it brings joy for us to watch that seed grow into maturity.

There are a few things I want you to know about faith…

Faith brings life.
Fear brings death.

It is better to walk in faith than fear.

Faith takes you deeper into a relationship with Me. It allows Me to bring light into your life. Faith dispels the darkness. Faith brings revelation of things you need in your life. Faith allows Me to show you how much I love you. Faith will elevate your life. Faith shows the people around you My love. Faith overcomes sin. Faith breaks the chains of every single thing that holds you back. Faith is freedom. Your faith that starts out as a tiny little seed, will take you on a journey that will change your life forever. Faith allows Me to bless you in ways that you have never even thought of – it is My joy to bless you in this way.

Faith is light.
Faith is joy.
Faith is freedom.
Faith is life.
Faith is love.
Faith is breath.
Faith is victory.

My children – your faith in Me means everything, and I want to share with you all the blessings that come with your faith that starts as a tiny little seed. So today, I say to you, have faith!

I love you.”

Thank You, Jesus! Yes! I choose to ‘HAVE FAITH’ today and every day.

Our faith in Him is the key that unlocks all the wonders of God and His kingdom. Choose to have faith as small as a tiny mustard seed, and God will grow it into a mighty tree, and you will be blessed more than you could ever comprehend. Amen!