I have been praying about God’s truth to be revealed over the past few months. I’m learning that there is so much about our Father that we don’t know. And I love that He is revealing pieces of it to me when I sit with Him. As I was praying a few days ago, this is the word I received from Jesus.

“My children need to know that I love them unconditionally. Even when they sin – I still love them. My love for them never goes away. My children need to know they are suffering because of lack of knowledge. They don’t know what they don’t understand.”

He said, “The enemy of this earth goes around roaring like a lion, and he spews lies, and so many of my children receive it. They believe his lies and are deceived because of it.

Do you think the enemy wants any of My children to know how much I, the Lord God, love them? NO! The enemy hates Me, so he whispers in My children’s ears words of defeat, words of hate, words of discouragement – anything that will draw them away from Me.

I want My children to choose Me, and I give them free will to choose Me. I want My children to experience freedom, and the only pathway for true freedom is Me.

The truth that My children need to know is suffering comes from the enemy. My truth is My children are loved beyond anything they can imagine. My truth is I want none of them to suffer – no, not one.

My children are destroyed because they lack knowledge. If they knew Me, and knew My word, they would know I have given them authority to overcome the enemy. They would know how to defeat the enemy. If they had My word in their hearts, they would experience the joy of the Lord! They would know a peace that surpasses all understanding.

My truth is this: I am coming for a pure and spotless bride. Preparations are being made for this now. Don’t stay in the dark – come into My light. Let Me show you a path to freedom. Let Me show you how much I love you.

If you want My truth, My knowledge, My revelation, then you must seek it. Read My word and pursue a relationship with Me. I will bring you into TRUTH, and you will no longer suffer.

Come to Me and allow Me to show you a better way to live, so you do not perish before your time.

I will always love you. I will never leave or forsake you. I am here, and I am waiting…”

Several times now, the Lord has said to me, “My children are destroyed because they lack knowledge.” And He is right. If we knew and understood the authority we have because of the blood of Jesus, we would be able to turn our world that seems to be completely upside down – right side up! We would SLAY the enemy because he wouldn’t be able to hurt us anymore. All we need to do is study God’s word and seek an intimate relationship with Him – He will show us what to do. We must seek HIS knowledge. Amen!

I am blown away every time I sit with the Lord. He truly does have so much to say. He is so good.

In His love,