May 18, 2022

I was sitting in my prayer corner, and as I was praying, I was taken into a vision where I found myself seated in the cockpit of a jet airplane, and Jesus was sitting next to me. We were flying high in the sky. There was no panic (I’ve never flown a plane before), only peace because my Savior was with me.

Jesus spoke, “Do you see how everything looks different from up above?”

I looked down, and even though everything looked smaller, it also looked organized, and somewhat peaceful. I looked back at Jesus and nodded. “Yes, it does.”

I then noticed that we began flying lower, and as we got closer to the ground, I could see the tops of houses. Jesus said, “Look closer.”

I looked at the houses again, and this time I could see through the tops of the houses. I could see families inside their homes – some were happy, some were not.

Jesus spoke again, “So many of My people have the same perspective about life. They only know what they see, and they think there is only one way to live their life. They don’t see it from a Heavenly perspective.”

God sees all things; He knows all things. There is so much more to our God than any of us know. As I was looking into these homes, feelings were impressed upon me. I saw some of these families laughing, and I felt their joy. But I also saw and felt depression in many of these homes. There is so much sickness, anger, anxiety, fear, and hopelessness.

Jesus said, “They don’t understand this is not how I want them to live, and there is a better way. Many of them don’t know that it is all about to change.

Oh, Ecclesia, I am releasing a fire that cannot be put out. This fire will start small, but it will turn into a blazing inferno. All of Heaven has been preparing for this. It will touch every single person. They will know that I, the Lord, have come in answer to their prayers.

Hope will pour out of Heaven. Joy will be released. The hardest of hearts will turn to Me. My fire will come in like a flood and sweep all around the world. It will be unstoppable.

My beautiful Ecclesia – I have been preparing you for this time. Are you ready?

Many will come, and they will be hungry for Me. They will be hungry for TRUTH!”

We flew over many different cities, and as we were flying over them, I noticed that some people noticed we were flying low, and they would point to us, while others paid no attention to us – they didn’t even look up.

Jesus noticed this too, and said, “When My consuming fire is released, every person will look up. Every person will have the opportunity to choose Me. I will not leave one person out. All are welcome! I will pour out blessings unlike anything they have ever seen or experienced before.

Once this raging fire begins, it will sweep across the land quickly – so many will be changed by it. Get ready, Ecclesia – this day is almost upon you.

My joy, My love, My peace will be felt all around the world.

It is time.”

We then flew back up past the clouds into the bluest sky, and then I was back in my prayer corner.

Thank You, Jesus! Thank You, God! You are so, so good!

There are so many things our God wants to share with us – seek Him, and He will show you.

AND…Get ready! Change is coming like a blazing inferno from our Father in Heaven who loves us beyond comprehension.

In His love,