Jesus is such an encourager! He wants none of us to suffer, and He continually shows me that He is right here. He is very present during this dark time here on earth.

As I was praying, Jesus showed me a duck gliding across the water. The duck and the water both seemed so calm. Then He showed me the ducks feet paddling fast and furiously under the water. There was a lot going on under the water that no one could see. So many have a calm façade on the outside but hide the turmoil going on inside. I am guilty of this, too.

I then heard Jesus speak, “Many are paddling furiously where no one can see – but I do. I know, and I want to encourage the weary that are battling many things. I see you, and today I want to encourage you to be still and know who I am.

This battle is not yours – it is Mine. Give it to Me – let Me take it away and give you victory. You are not alone. I am with you. Stand strong, and I will deliver you from the battle.

Today is the day. Not tomorrow. Today is the day you will have victory. There is nothing I won’t do for you. But I need you to be still. I need you to trust in Me.

Have faith – and let Me do the rest. I love you.”

I felt His presence and His peace wash over me. I knew He was close.

He said, “You are strong enough. You are smart enough. YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Trust in Me this day – this moment. I am here, and I am with you to the very end.”

Thank You, Jesus, for reminding us that all we need to do is trust and have faith in You. The battle has already been won, we just need to speak it and walk it out every single day.

He is our Savior, and He loves each one of us so much. Trust Him.

In His love,