April 25, 2022

I received a prophetic word from the Lord yesterday. As I was praying and worshipping, I could feel the presence of Jesus standing next to me. I looked over at Him and followed His eyes. He was looking up at a great waterfall. The water was coming from way up high, and it was very loud. This waterfall is bigger than any I have ever seen before.

I heard Jesus say, “Many will be falling from the high places where they positioned themselves illegally. The fall will be brutal – some to the point of death.

I have given them many opportunities to repent, and they have rejected Me.”

I then saw many people falling from the top of this waterfall. As they were falling, I could hear voices calling out to Jesus, “I’m sorry! Please forgive me. Jesus, save me!”

I could see the compassion on Jesus’ face. I was amazed as I watched the four winds gather from above. They formed a tornado and came and swept some of the ones begging for forgiveness and mercy. They were swept up and away – then placed gently on dry ground. I watched again as every single one of them fell on their faces, worshipping and thanking God for His mercy.

Even when it seems like it is too late, God shows mercy. He wants none of us to perish.

I looked towards the waterfall and watched the remainder of the people that were falling go into the water.

Jesus said, “Just as these evil ones have misguided My children, spinning them this way or that way with their lies; just as they wanted to destroy My children, I will destroy them in the raging waters. There will be no escape – only justice!

A time is coming when all will be revealed – when My light will shine bright and overtake the darkness. A time is coming when many will experience freedom. A time is coming that many will be dancing in the streets, and many of My children will be saved.

Prepare yourselves. This time is coming sooner than you think.

Take heart! The time is coming when the enemy’s voice will be revealed. You will know the lies, and My Ecclesia will bring My truth. The ones that don’t understand will be hungry for My truth – they will seek Me, and they will find Me.

Do not lean on your own understanding – but seek My face; seek My truth; seek My way – and you will be set free.”

I saw the words, “LACK OF KNOWLEDGE” flash before me. So many people perish because of a lack of knowledge. (Hosea 4:6)

As we were standing there, an eagle came down and landed right in front of us. I followed Jesus onto the back of the eagle, and we flew up and away.

He continued to speak, “My people, My children are searching for answers. The enemy knows this, and as they are searching for truth, he comes in and feeds them more lies. They feel helpless; hopeless. They are tired and frustrated. I want to bring them fresh oil. I want to remove the blinders from their eyes. As My Ecclesia grows, they will help bring My truth, and more and more people will know Me.

We have been waiting for this time, and all of Heaven is preparing for it. The more My Ecclesia partners with Us, the quicker the Day of Truth will come.”

As we were flying high on this eagle, it was quiet, peaceful, and so beautiful. I held onto Jesus with everything in me – I felt safe and loved.

“It is almost here. The Great Fall has already begun. Continue to watch. Continue to seek Me, My Ecclesia. If you know Me, you will know My peace, My joy, My love.”

I was then sitting back in my chair in my prayer corner.

One thing I knew in my spirit while I was with Jesus – The Day of Truth is almost upon us. We need to keep praying, keep standing, and keep fighting for it all to be revealed. Soon – very soon.

In His love,