April 21, 2022

I had an encounter with the Lord today, and it was beautiful and amazing. As I was praying, the Holy Spirit took me to Heaven.

I immediately knew I was at some type of ceremony, and I knew we were in the throne room of God. There was so much love in the atmosphere…it took my breath away. I saw God seated on His throne. I saw a line of people waiting to the left of God.

As I looked, I saw Jesus standing to the right of God. There was a clear bowl sitting on a stand in front of Jesus. A man walked up to the bowl and dipped his hands in the water. I watched as Jesus took a towel and cleaned the man’s hands. I heard Jesus speaking words of love to this man. He was then directed to sit in a chair next to Jesus. I watched as Jesus leaned down, took a pitcher of water, and poured it over the man’s feet. Jesus then took the towel and cleaned the man’s feet. I watched in awe as Jesus repeated this over and over again to each person that was waiting in line.

I was curious as to the reason Jesus was doing this. I had many questions, but the Holy Spirit said, “Wait and watch.”

I watched a young girl walk up to Jesus. She was probably six or seven years old. She placed her hands in the bowl, and Jesus began wiping her hands. I heard her giggle at whatever Jesus was saying. As she was directed to sit in the chair, she instead jumped into His arms for a hug. Jesus embraced her lovingly, holding her for a few moments – whispering words of love to her. It was beautiful to see.

There were many other people in the throne room of God – all quiet, all watching this beautiful
ceremony. The more I watched and waited, the more I began to understand what was happening. Waves of revelation began to pour over me.

These people were being honored for the things they did while here on earth. They were being honored for the good things they did – acts of kindness, gentle words, encouragement to those in need, and the many lives they touched.

They were being honored for partnering with Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Spirit to help people be free of bondage from the enemy. They were being honored for directing people towards salvation.

I watched as the last person went up to get their hands and feet washed by Jesus. Then God stood to His feet.

He spoke these words, “Blessed are the ones that chose eternal life. Blessed are the ones that chose me over the enemy – good over evil.

Each one of you are being honored today because you partnered with all of Heaven to change someone’s life on earth.
Because of your choices, you have made an eternal impact on many people’s lives, and We thank you today. We honor you today.”

I then saw angels coming in with crowns sitting on what looked like soft pillows. I watched as Jesus began placing a crown on each person that He had washed their hands and feet. Each crown seemed to be personally made for each individual.

The smiles on each one of these faces was so precious. Their faces were lit up with joy and honor.

God said, “Today, We honor each of you. Today, We celebrate you. Today, and for eternity, We say thank you for serving Us.

Now, let us celebrate!”

The whole room erupted in praise and applause! I was honored to be allowed to witness this ceremony.

I then heard God speak directly to me, “Daughter, share this with My children. Tell them how to partner with Us. Tell them the blessings I will pour out over them if they choose Me.

Explain the impact they could have when they choose good instead of evil, or a kind word spoken to someone in need.

I want to honor every single one of My children the same way you just witnessed. Tell them to
choose love – to choose Me.”

I nodded, still in awe of what I was witnessing.

I say, YES, Father! I will partner with You, Jesus, and all of Heaven to help impact as many people that I can here on earth – to draw them closer to You – to tell them how much You love them! I am honored. I am blessed. Thank You for this amazing revelation. Amen!

God is good. He loves you – and He wants to honor you! What a blessing. Partner with Him and all of Heaven. Choose Him, and you will be blessed beyond anything you could imagine. He has a crown made especially for you when you get to Heaven.

In His love,