Happy Easter/Resurrection Day! A Day of Remembrance

I had an encounter with the Lord this morning. As I was praying this morning, I asked Jesus what was on His heart today, and He had much to share. I closed my eyes, and immediately saw a field of pink flowers. We were gliding over them together.

In Heaven, everything feels so alive, and as we were gliding over these beautiful flowers, I could see them stretching, reaching towards Jesus – trying to embrace Him – showing their love for Him. It was almost as if they were trying to envelop Him with their beauty and fragrance. It was amazing to see.

Jesus spoke, “Today is a day of remembrance. I ask that each of you take communion on this day of resurrection in remembrance of Me. Today is important. It is a reminder of My broken body, and it is a reminder that I am alive and well. For you – I did it all for each of you. I love you. Yes, I love you right where you are. I desire to spend time with you. Will you come sit with Me? I want to hear your voice, see your smile, hear your laughter, see that spark in your eyes. I know what brings you joy and what brings you sadness, and I am with you through it all.

My people don’t know how much I love them. If they did, things would be different. It is important for them to know. Will you teach them, daughter? Will you tell them how much I love them?”

I responded quickly, “Yes Jesus! Yes, I will do my best to teach them; to tell them how much You love them!” I could feel the love and compassion pouring out of Him. He loves us so, so much.

Jesus began speaking again, “They listen to the deceiver who fills their hearts and minds with lies. My heart aches for them because they don’t know who I am and why I died for them. I want
them to be set free. I want them to know I have better things for them – Joy, Peace, Love, Freedom, Beauty, and so much more. Teach them. Tell them how much I love them.”

“Yes, Lord. Yes! I will tell them about Your love, your grace and mercy, how wonderful and good You are, and I will tell them how much You love them.” I replied.

Jesus said, “Tell My people I would do it again – I would be crucified again for them – that is how much I love them!”

I shook my head and cried, “No! Jesus – no! It is too much! It was too much!”

He took hold of both of my hands and said, “No – it was enough. I did it for you, and I did it for all of mankind. Many don’t know My way. They don’t understand what they don’t know. It is why We are raising up and teaching the remnant, so they can bring knowledge to the ones that don’t know Me.

A time is coming soon that many will know Me. Many will understand; many will know My love. All of Heaven is preparing and rejoicing – it will be here very soon.

Tell them I love them; tell them I am here. I will always be here. There are so many things I long to share with each of them. Tell them I am waiting…”

The love and compassion I felt while I was with Jesus took my breath away. It was intense. It overwhelmed me, and I knew in my spirit it was only a fraction of how Jesus really feels. I wouldn’t have been able to withstand the full amount. He loves you more than I could put into words. It is real; it is powerful; it is beautiful. He loves you.

Thank You, Jesus for Your love and for always letting us know you are with us.

In His love,