April 5, 2022

I had an encounter with the Lord, and it was a joyful experience!

I was sitting, praying, and waiting on the Lord in the evening, and as I closed my eyes, I immediately felt joy all around me.

I found myself sitting next to Jesus in a giant teacup. It is a ride, and we were spinning and laughing. As the teacups were moving, I recognized the faces of Moses, Peter, Paul, and our Father – all spinning and laughing in their own teacup.

These are just some of the faces I recognized or knew in my spirit who they were. All of them had someone in their teacup with them, and all were laughing hysterically! Their faces were so filled with joy and peace! It was beautiful to see.

I had the giggles and couldn’t stop laughing. So much joy! I saw many other people I didn’t recognize riding in other teacups with the same reactions – all were laughing so hard, and tears were pouring down their face.

It was sooooo much fun!

As we were getting off the ride, each one of us were given a bag. I heard someone ask, “What’s in the bag?”

The person handing out the bags responded, “It’s full of blessings!”

I thought, Wow! I clutched my bag full of blessings tightly – so full of joy I was about to burst!

It felt like we were at a carnival or a theme park in Heaven. There was much celebration going on all around me. Everyone was so happy and joyful!

There are a couple of things I knew in my spirit while on this ride:

The people on this ride with me were some of the Lord’s children that will be pouring out His truth in this next season. (There are some things coming soon that I am excited to share with you, but I’m not quite ready yet. It’s coming…I promise!)
I knew the bag of blessings were for the ones that will be pouring out Jesus and His truth. The Lord is blessing the ones who have answered His call.

I heard Jesus say, “The teacups are a representation of Me, because you will be pouring ME into others.”

I will never forget the joy on everyone’s faces. There is so much laughter in Heaven.

Something else I noticed when getting off the ride – there was a LONG line of people waiting to get on this ride. God has been preparing MANY of us to pour out His truth.


I want to encourage you today…get in His presence! Be a part of what He is doing. Good things are on their way, and our Father wants you; He needs you; He loves you! What you have to offer is more than enough – trust in Him.

In His love,