I have debated about sharing this vision. It was so personal, so intimate, so real to me. I’ve prayed about sharing it many times, and every single time I ask, the Lord’s answer is the same – “Share it so others will know they can come the same way you did.” So, I’m sharing it because it is beautiful, and I want each of you to know that you have your own personal room in Heaven, too. The invitation is there, all you have to do is ask Him.

March 9, 2022:

I went to sit with the Lord late in the evening/early morning hours. I turned my praise and worship music on and worshipped and waited for Him. I closed my eyes while waiting, and I immediately saw a door.

I heard Jesus say, “Unlock the door with the key, and go inside.” In a previous encounter with Jesus, He gave me a set of keys that I clasped tightly to my heart. As I was standing in front of this door, those keys were in my hand.

I unlocked the door, and when I walked through it, I was stunned.

I was in MY room in Heaven. A room created just for me. It held all my dreams and visions. It held everything from the time I was born to the end of my life here on earth. It was so familiar to me.

I want to stop here for a minute before I go on. This is the most intimate thing I have ever experienced in my life. It was my whole life right in front of me… inside a room that had all the things about me. It is hard to put into words all the feelings and thoughts that were going through my head. It was good – so good, so special, so me.

There was so much activity going on around me, and all I could do was stare, trying to take it all in.

I then heard the Lord speak, “Tell me what you see.” He was excited to share this experience with me. I could hear it in His voice.

I said, “I see books on bookshelves. I see a table with chairs in the corner.”

The Lord asked, “What else?”

I replied, “I see a lampstand.” I stopped and focused on the lampstand… I was mesmerized. I then said, “It has perfect light.”

The Lord chuckled. I noticed the lampstand was made of gold, and the light lit up the entire room perfectly.

I saw a memory of my mom sitting in the corner of the room, and she was speaking to me when I was a child. My mom is no longer here, she passed away six years ago, so this was so special to me.

I saw the first dog we ever had – a poodle name Brandy. She was excited to see me!

There was so much to see, and I was trying to take it all in – then I heard the Lord speak again. “Take one of the books off the shelf and open it.”

My hands obeyed. As I opened the book, butterflies came fluttering out. Some of them looked like tiny angels. I saw light sparkles coming from the book. I asked the Lord, “What is in it?”

He replied, “It hasn’t been written.” I knew in my spirit there is much He wants me to do, and He delighted in showing me these small details.

My focus turned to the lampstand again. The Lord spoke, “The lampstand is important to you; perfect light is important to you. You will write a book about it.” I looked at the beautiful book in my hand, nodding in acknowledgement. I was amazed at this revelation.

He then asked, “What shape is this room?”

I looked around – again amazed at what I was seeing. “It isn’t round or square.” I started walking around the room and couldn’t come up with a shape. I said, “It is multi-faceted.”

I saw angels working on things all around me. I then began noticing things that were not familiar to me. Before I asked, the Lord said, “There are parts of you that you haven’t met yet. I know all about you, but you don’t know all of you, yet. There are many things that you have not done, but you will.”

I soaked for several moments in what He was saying. This was so personal to me. In this room – my room – there were parts of me I didn’t know yet. I had not met parts of my future self yet. This was profound to me. God had so much faith in me, and I couldn’t believe I was standing in this room.

I cried tears of unbelief. I cried tears of joy and tears of laughter. The activity and the atmosphere in my room was so fun and giddy. There was singing, and so much joy.

The Lord then took me into someone else’s room. There is a room for each one of us in Heaven. The light in this room was dim, and there was hardly any activity. I felt sad for whoever this room belonged to. I knew that this person did not know God. Our Father doesn’t want it this way. He wants all of His children to know Him intimately.

He took me back to my room, and I began to look around even more. Again, it was so familiar to me – but then I noticed there were some of my failures in life – bad decisions, silly mistakes. They were all lined up on a shelf. I asked the Lord, “Why are my failures here? I don’t want to be reminded of these things.”

He immediately and excitedly responded. “These are not failures! I don’t see them that way. These are lessons learned that got you to where you are now. Some of them are hard learned lessons, but each of them are stepping stones that brought you here. Embrace them. They are a part of you.”

Again, more revelation poured into me. I know He was showing these things to me as a reminder that I need to love myself as He loves me.

As I was standing there crying, processing that this is the most intimate I have ever been with myself – tears streaming down my face, my Lord started relaying to me all the reasons He loves me.

“It is the way you love Me, daughter.
It is your faith in Me.
It is the way you laugh.
It is your compassion to help people know Me.
It is your smile.
It is the way you love your husband.
It is the intimate time you spend with Me.
It is the way you love your children.
It is the way you write.
It is the way you love your grandchildren.
It is how you love other people.
It is your determination to draw closer to Me.
It is the way you love your family.
It is the way you love your friends.
It is the way you dance.
It is hearing your voice.
It is the way you smell.
It is because you so easily forgive the ones that have hurt you.
It is the joy I feel when you are near.
It is your willingness to learn all you can about Me.
It is your faith in reading your Bible every single night.
It is your determination to overcome every obstacle in your life.
It is because you are humble.
It is because you are loyal.
It is because you are a good teacher.
It is the sacrifices you make for you family.
It is how you take care of your family.
It is your precious heart.
It is because you love to give to others.
It is the depth in your eyes.
It is your stubbornness on not giving up on anything.
It is the way you love to encourage others.
It is how hard you work to achieve your goals.
It is the tears you cry when no one is watching… I know what those tears are for, and they are precious to Me.
It is your joy for life.
It is the way you love your dogs.
It is how hard you seek approval from everyone around you.”

I cried out when He kept saying these things, “Father! You are so, so good. I love you so much!” I was overwhelmed with love for Him. The love I felt when He was speaking those words to me were unlike anything I have every experienced in my entire life. It was beautiful. Breathtaking. Humbling. It helped me understand His love for each of us. It is endless.

I fell asleep that night with the Lord still whispering the many reasons He loves me. He kept going, all throughout the night. There were hundreds of reasons He gave me, and I couldn’t write them all down. I woke up a couple of times during the night, and I still heard Him whispering to me. When I woke up the next morning, He was still speaking. It was the most beautiful thing to me. It stayed with me all throughout the day. I couldn’t write the full vision down for several days because I wasn’t sure I could put this experience into words that would give Him the glory and honor He so deserves.

If I am being completely honest, I have never thought about myself in this way. I keep envisioning THAT room, and it is hard to put into words how it felt. Amazing, joyful, exciting, fun, familiar, shocking, beautiful, precious, and so much more. So many memories were there.

Just before I fell asleep that night, the Lord told me I could come back to MY room any time I wanted to. Wow. I’m definitely going back. There is so much more I want to explore about myself in my room. Isn’t God good?

I have never felt so completely loved in all my life. It was by far the best encounter I have ever had with the Lord.

I can’t wait to meet and know the parts of me that I haven’t met yet. My future is bright, because my Father loves me, and I will do my best to honor Him for the rest of my life.

I encourage you to ask God to show you YOUR room in Heaven. I’m still soaking it in. It was amazing… and I want more. I want to know more about Him because He knows everything about me.

It is the same for you… He knows you deeply; intimately – and He loves you more than you can imagine.

In His love,