“My blessings will overflow on My children as they come back to Me – one by one.”

This morning in my quiet prayer time, I found myself seated between Jesus and God. We were seated on a large bench, and we were sitting outside. There was a giant flower hovering above us. It was beautiful. It was leaning towards us, and the smell was magnificent.

We sat there quietly for a few moments, and I just soaked in Their presence. My Father on one side of me, and my Savior on the other side. I leaned into my Father and just let Him love on me. I felt so much peace and love.

I could stay in that place all day just sitting and watching all the things around me while soaking in the love and goodness of both Jesus and God. But I always want a word from Him for His children, and He didn’t disappoint.

“My children suffer because of lack of knowledge. Their pain is deep, and it is real. I want them to know Me. I want to heal their pain, but they don’t know how to let Me do that. The changes that are coming will allow many of My children to know Me intimately. They will break away from their past. They will be set free. Preparations are being made for the ones that will choose Me.

“My love will pour out over all the earth when the Day of Truth comes. My blessings will overflow on My children as they come back to Me – one by one. There will never be another time like this. You will see victory after victory. You will see many prodigal sons and daughters coming back home. My glory will be seen, heard, and felt all around the world. Testimonies will come pouring out of every country.

“Many things will be set back in their proper place. Enemies will no longer be enemies. Unity will replace division. You will experience joy like never before. My peace will cover the land. Hope will return to your hearts.

“The day is almost upon you. Rejoice, for your deliverance is near. This day will be marked as the day that changed history for all of mankind. This day will be celebrated for many years to come. This day will change YOU forever. It has already been set in motion.

“Trust in Me. Do not fear, for I am with you – always and forever.”

I thanked Him for His powerful, encouraging words. I sat with Jesus and our Father for a while longer – watching as both watched the people around us. Holy Spirit was there, too. I saw a group of people dancing and singing praises to God off in the distance. There were children playing – some of them were even wrestling on the ground – all in fun. I saw people walking and talking. They all seemed happy. But what I got the most from this encounter was the love in the eyes of Jesus and God as they watched what was going on around them. The love felt tangible; it could not be denied. It was all around me. It was breathtaking and beautiful. He loves us – there is no doubt in my heart – He love us so, so much.