“Intimacy is the key that will unlock all of your blessings. Seek Me, and you will find Me.”

I had an encounter with the Lord this morning. I closed my eyes, and the first thing I saw was Jesus sitting on a porch swing. He invited me to come sit with Him. We sat together and talked about things that were weighing on my heart. He gave me some great insight into some of the things I am dealing with, and I was grateful for His guidance. I then looked up and saw our Father walking towards us. He had children all around Him, and He was laughing and joking with them. As He walked towards me, Jesus stood up and gathered the children to go play. I was alone with God. This is huge for me. I have always been taught that I could not interact with God or it would mean certain death. But He has been teaching me that isn’t true. What is true is He wants us to know that we can come and sit with Him. We can talk to Him. He desires it just as much as we do. It took a lot of courage within me to talk to Him directly, but fear is the opposite of faith, and I refuse to live in fear. I stood with a huge smile on my face, so happy that I was in this moment with Him. He was also smiling. He knew I came to talk, and to get an encouraging word from Him for His children, and He began to talk.

“So many of My children are focused on the problem – the darkness that is all around the world. They have taken their eyes off Me. They don’t have My peace because they are so focused on these negative things. I want them to focus on Me, so they can be at peace. I want them to experience My love for them bey love will change them.”

“If you want peace in your life, then you must soak yourself in My Truth; surround yourself with My Truth. Seek Me; Seek My Word, and your life will begin to change.”

“It is not about the darkness you are currently experiencing all around the world. It is about My
Light – focus on My Light, and the darkness goes away. Spend time with Me; get to know Me. You will not regret it.”

“Intimacy with Me is the key that will unlock all of your blessings. I desire to spend time with you. I am always available. I am always close to you. Seek Me and you will find Me. Allow Me to guide you away from the darkness, so you can live the rest of your life in My light. It is there that you will find peace, joy, and happiness.”

“There is more to life than what is going on around the world. I am taking care of all of it. Will you trust in Me? New things are coming, and I invite all of you to be a part of it. I am here and waiting. There isn’t any pare of you I don’t love. I love you fully and completely right where you are…so come spend time with Me and let Me show you how much I love you.”

Thank You, Father for loving us the way You do. As I was standing with my Father, I watched as Jesus sat on the porch swing with all of the children gathered around Him. He was teaching them, and they were enjoying it so much. I saw trees in the distance behind Him. There was a lake with calm waters. It was so peaceful. There are so many details I could list here – it was beautiful, and I didn’t want to leave. There was sand on the beach, and there was grass. One of these days I will try to explain how everything feels so alive in Heaven…it is amazing.

When God was speaking, He had so much intense compassion in His voice. He loves us. He wants us to know Him. He wants us to live in freedom, not bondage, yet we believe the lies the enemy whispers in our ears. I am guilty of, too. It’s a fight and some days are harder than others. But it’s worth it. Knowing our Father intimately is worth it.

Exciting things are coming. Spend some time alone with the Father. Let Him in your heart, and He will change you forever. Amen!

In His love, Kathy