The lord says, ”the uncovering is upon my people. The great awakening has arrived. My glory will be revealed.”

The more time I spend with the Lord, the more He has to say. There are so many things He wants to reveal to us, and He loves it when we take the time to sit and listen to Him. I felt all day that He had something He wanted to say, so I went to my prayer corner and began praying, and He began speaking:

“Money is changing hands in the dark. I see the satisfied smirks on the faces of the ones that are plotting evil – the ones that want to strip away freedom. The darkness will be brought to light. China, America, Russia, the United Kingdom, Canada, and many more – you are key players in the evil one’s game. He is using you like pawns on a chessboard. Your time is up. You played your hand, and the game is over.

I, the Lord God, have outplayed you. You were never going to win, and it ends now.

Over the next few months, My people will start seeing many things that the enemy has tried to keep hidden. My light is shining upon the evil, and it must be revealed. The truth is here; the revealing has begun. It will reach a tipping point, and once it does, the rest will all come pouring out. There is nothing the enemy can do to stop it – nothing.

Everything changes on the day that all is revealed. I told you that I would deliver My people from the lies and oppression of the enemy. That day is almost here.

America! America! You will be free. You are My light that will shine so bright – a beacon to so many. So many things have been held back from you – but no more! I release everything that was stolen from you. I release a double portion for the ones that have suffered from the hands of the evil one.

Run to Me! Run to My glory! Receive your healing! Receive your blessing! Receive your freedom from the afflictions that have kept you bound. You are free, and you are loved.

Canada, O’ Canada! My bright northern star. You are such a blessing to me. The wait is almost over. Your prayers are being answered. My blessing will pour out over you. My strength will deliver you from the evil one. Keep praying!

China. China. China! Did you think I had forgotten about you? I hear My people crying out to Me. I will deliver you! I will set you free! I will set all of My children free all around the globe.

Each of you were chosen to be alive in this time. I chose you for ‘such a time as this.’ Stand strong and be ready for the changes that are coming. I am no longer holding back. The enemy is roaring because he knows he has lost. The people that have chosen the enemies side will regret their decision. Every single one of them will regret what they have done.”

I then saw the darkness covering the earth – thick, dark swirling clouds covering the entire earth. As I looked up past the darkness, I was amazed because I saw angel warriors sitting on horses in Heaven. They were everywhere – as far as my eye could see. It reminded me of Elisha in 2