Pray for the protection of Ukraine. Pray that Russia Stops the assault.

I went to the Lord on the evening of February 24th, 2022 – asking for a word of encouragement to His people regarding Ukraine. I felt unsettled, not sure what to pray for. It felt as if there was more going on that what we were seeing and hearing. He has so much He wants to share with us, but we must take the time to listen for His voice.

It didn’t take long for God to start speaking, and His words were unexpected.

“It is a trap! The enemy is trying to snare another win. But I the Lord God, say NO! This trap will be reversed, and they will be caught in their own snare. There is no escape for the enemy. He will not win. He will NOT win. He WILL NOT win!

Don’t believe what they are saying. It is lies – all of it! There is more to this story, and I will reveal all of it. They will not get away with it!

Stay strong and keep praying. The momentum of your prayer’s change everything. Keep praying. Do not be silent. Stand! Pray! Fight!

I will show you their despicable secrets. I will guide you into the truth. I will shut the enemy down. Just wait and watch them tumble.

Ukraine! Ukraine! I hear your cries. I am with you. Stand strong. You will be delivered. Freedom is coming. I, the Lord God am watching over you. My peace is upon you. You are blessed. Keep praying. I am there.”

The Lord keeps telling us we are being lied to, and His TRUTH is coming. I believe it with every part of my being…and I know He will reveal all things very soon. Until then, we hold the line, we keep praying, we keep fighting, we keep standing, we keep preparing, and we keep learning all that we can so He can use us when everything is revealed. We are His chosen ones, and it’s time for us to fly.