“Ekklessia, you are blessed. You are chosen. You are loved. You are cherished. You are mine. And you are ready,” says the Lord God almighty.

Prophetic word from the Lord:

The more I sit with the Lord, asking for His revelation on things to come, the more I fall in love with who He is. He is such a gentleman, a wonderful Father, an amazing Teacher, and He loves us so fully and completely. He reminds me all the time that He hears our prayers…not some of them, but ALL of them. If you have read any other words that I have received from the Lord, you will know that the one thing that has been constant is, “Get ready…change is coming.” He is answering our prayers.

As I was sitting with the Lord this past Tuesday morning, I had my pen and journal in my hand, because I knew He had something He wanted to say. His presence overwhelmed me with power and love as He began to speak, and I began to write…

“Children, My children. Things have been set in motion. My glory is coming. My chosen one is on his way back. My truth is being unveiled. My truth is being released over the nation (America). Doors are being shut to the ones that are against Me. Eyes are being opened. Hearts are awakening to my call.” (Isaiah 22:22)

He then began speaking to His church. “Ekklesia – I need you. I need you now more than ever. Ekklesia – My bride – I have been preparing you for such a time as this. You have been in the deepest, darkest trenches, and I have heard your cries for help, for change, for evil to be eradicated. It is time. It is time for all of it to be revealed. Ekklesia – listen for My voice. Stay close to Me, and I will give you the revelation of your finest hour.
Ekklesia – My true chosen ones…you are ready. I lovingly watched while you worked to prepare for this moment in this time. I lovingly guided you to perfection. You are ready. Hear My voice. When I say GO, you will receive sudden revelation on what to do and what to say. Be ready. I will not hold back, just as you have not held yourselves back from Me. Everything changes when I say GO! Everything!

You are blessed. You are chosen. You are loved. You are cherished. You are mine. And you are ready.”

“No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no human mind has conceived the things I have prepared for those who love Me.” (2 Corinthians 2:9)

I then saw a road with trees lined on both sides. I saw His Ekklesia walking down it. They were laughing, dancing, and singing with joy. It is done. We fought, we prayed, we didn’t give up, and after the harvest, we will be entering a period of rest. I knew God was showing me what will happen after everything is revealed and things begin to settle down.

We will experience unity all around the world – something that has never happened. Peace will settle into our hearts and minds. Our way of life will drastically change because we fought the good fight.

God said, “Victory! You earned it! It is yours, and you are Mine!”

He then went on, “Listen. Listen for My voice. I will guide you through the harvest. I will not leave you.

Tell them. Tell My people the things I have spoken to you today. Tell them to get ready. Tell my Ekklesia to get ready. Tell my Ekklesia to listen, and when I say GO, they will suddenly know what to do. Each and every one of my chosen Ekklesia will know what to do.”

“This is the day the Lord has made, be glad and rejoice in it,” says the Lord God. (Psalm 118:24)

“Time has run out for the evil one. Time has run out for the ones that are a part of the evil on the earth. They made their choice, and they will suffer the consequences of the choices they have made. I, the Lord God, have said ‘Enough! No more lies! Enough!’” (I felt His anger).

“So many are still asleep because of the lies the enemy has spoken. They have been lulled to sleep.

Ekklesia – get ready – for many more are about to wake up. They will need you, and I know you will serve Me well. You are ready,” says God.

“The harvest is here. I say the harvest is here! Joy is coming. I say joy is coming! Celebrate with Me. Celebrate with all of Heaven! The preparation has been long and toilsome, but the harvest is finally here, and it is time to rejoice! I say rejoice!

Ekklesia – you have made me a proud Papa. I so love you. Your blessings are on their way. You will receive double for your trouble. Thank you for your time. Thank you for your patience. Thank you for holding on and not giving up. Thank you for your loyalty. Thank you!

I have a plan. I have always had a plan for this time. This is the year, and the time is now. Listen for My voice. Listen…and when I say GO, you will suddenly know.”

“Listen,” says the Lord God.

Our Father is good! I want to encourage you today to spend some intimate time with God. Get in that place with Him to listen for His voice. Don’t let anything distract you! He is always there…waiting for you. Let Him love on you and lift you up. You won’t be disappointed.

Father, I pray for every single person that is reading this – that You continue to prepare their hearts and minds for the changes that are coming. Bless them today, Lord. Guide them closer to You and let them feel Your presence and Your unmatchable love. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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