“When TRUTH and STRENGTH CONVERGE, you will see and experience FREEDOM, UNITY, and VICTORY” says the Lord God Almighty.

I received another vision that I want to share with you…
Over the past couple of weeks, every time I prayed, I kept hearing the word, “TRUTH.” I wrote the word down in my journal several times, thinking to myself that I need to go deeper with this. So, once again I was praying a few days ago, and my request to God was, “What do You want me to talk about? What can I share with your people?”

This time I heard three words, “TRUTH, STRENGTH, and CONVERGENCE.” Those three words have been on my heart and mind for the past few days, and I knew I needed more details from my Father. Early this morning as I was praying, I asked the Lord, “What do you say TRUTH is?”

He responded, “My TRUTH is Freedom.”

I then saw two very large groups of people. On the left were people that know His TRUTH – these people were His Ekklesia (church). On the right, I saw men dressed in military uniforms – this group was labeled as His STRENGTH.

Both groups of people were running and shouting, “FREEDOM!” The groups formed a V shape. As they moved downward, I saw them converge together at the tip.

The Lord spoke, “My TRUTH and My STRENGTH are converging, and they will be unstoppable.”

He then said, “It is time to decide what side you are on, because the wicked ones days are numbered. Choose this day whom you will serve (Joshua 24:15)! Me or the serpent?

When TRUTH and STRENGTH converge, UNITY will spread throughout the land, and we will laugh at the wicked as all they have done is revealed. I, the Lord God, will bring about justice to these evil ones the likes of which has never been seen before or will never be seen again.

Trust in Me! Put your trust in Me and watch as my TRUTH and STRENGTH come together! If you didn’t know or understand it before, I am telling you now: CHANGE is coming! My change! My truth! My justice is coming. Choose whom you will serve. The wicked ones days are short, and they will know they chose unwisely very soon.

My truth, my strength, my chosen ones will converge. Watch and see. Watch and see what I will do. Freedom and unity are coming. I am coming to rescue My people from the wicked ones. Watch and see!” says the Lord God Almighty.

About half an hour later, I was lying in bed contemplating the images I had seen, and giving God glory for what He showed me, and I heard His voice again. He said, “Oh, and by the way the V is for VICTORY.”

God is so good! EVERYTHING has meaning, and He always orchestrates it so beautifully. So many good things are on the way…hold on, keep praying, and make sure you are on the right side. Amen!