May 26, 2024

This morning, in the spirit – I was standing out in a field. I could see mountains in the distance. There were dark clouds above me. It looked like a very bad storm was brewing.

Around me, everything looked dead or dying. I felt hopeless and discouraged.

I then discovered I wasn’t alone. Jesus was standing next to me. He said, “Watch.”

I then saw the finger of God come through the dark clouds. He swiped the sky above me with His finger, and suddenly the sky and landscape in front of me changed.

The dark clouds were gone. I was still standing in the field, but the sky was bright and blue.

The grass, flowers, and trees were no longer dead. There was a lake in front of me that I had not noticed before. Even the mountains in the distance looked different.

Everything around me was alive and thriving.

I felt the power of God all around me. His presence filled the atmosphere. I was full of joy! I wanted to dance and shout, “God loves us! He is so good!”

Darkness cannot stand in His light. He can simply wipe it away with His finger. Nothing is impossible with God!

I stood there and took in the peace and serenity that was all around me. It was wonderful, and I felt so free! Even the air I breathed felt different. The stench of evil was gone!

Then Jesus said, “Soon, all of My children will experience My Father’s glory. When His glory falls, nothing will remain the same.

We will change the landscape around you. We will rid it of the evil that has dared to try and destroy My children.

The lies that will be revealed will astound you. This event will shock the world.

We will cleanse the filth and set the captives free!

Your landscape will completely change. Everything in your life will change, and you will discover a new way to live. Every single aspect of how you live will be affected when this evil is removed.

You will see – you will know what the enemy has been trying to do to you, My children.

Nothing can stop what is coming. The enemy would have you believe it is his agenda – but it is not!

I have stopped his evil plans. What is coming is what My Ekklesia has been praying for – TRUTH – and it will stand against ALL opposition!

What is coming will change how you live, how you work, how you eat – everything will change.

There is a better way, and I will release so many new ideas, new ways of doing things in the days to come.”

This scripture came to my mind as I was writing. It is 1st Corinthians 2:9 – “What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived—the things God has prepared for those who love him.”

Jesus said, “I am changing your landscape – and with it your vision will change.

Your hopes and dreams will come alive again. You thought these things would never come to pass, but I placed these things within you – and the time is soon coming when you will feel Me breathing life back into the hopes and dreams I placed within you.

It is not too late! I couldn’t let these things come forth with the evil that is around you – for the enemy would try to destroy it before it ever got started.

But your time is coming – and suddenly, you will know that it is time to birth what I placed within you.

Yes – I am changing your landscape.

Get ready to flow in My anointing. My favor will be upon you, and you will blossom and flourish like never before.

It is My joy to see you operate in what I have called you to do!

Get ready! I am changing your landscape! It will all look different, but you will experience peace, love, and joy like never before!

I am excited for you! Get ready for the blessings I am about to pour out over you.

For those that continue to seek Me intimately – You have prayed. Your faith remains strong, and I see your heart. You are deserving of this – get ready for your landscape to change!”

Yes! We are ready, Lord! So ready!!

One touch! One touch from our Father is all it will take to wipe evil away. Thank You, Lord!

I am ready for a change of scenery! I am ready to get rid of the old and make way for the new thing that God is doing.

I am ready to see families saved and reunited. I am ready for the school system to change. I am ready for our government to change. I am ready for our churches to change. I am ready for our entertainment industry to change, and for our food to change.

I am more than ready to see our world flipped upside down to rid itself of all that our enemy has done to harm and destroy us.

I am so ready to see our landscape change – for evil to be confronted and wiped away – and for hope and joy to come alive again!

Nothing is impossible with God! Nothing! So, YES, LORD! Change our landscape! We are ready! Hallelujah!

In His love,