May 19, 2024

This morning, I was worshipping the Lord, and in the spirit, I looked up and saw the face of God looking down from Heaven.

His face filled up the whole sky. His eyes roamed back and forth across all of the earth. I knew everything was visible to Him. Nothing and no one can hide from our Father.

His eyes suddenly rested upon me, and I was speechless, breathless. I stood frozen – in awe of His glory and power. There is nothing like it.

His eyes are like fire. They dance and move constantly – there is so much depth in His eyes, so much power and glory. And beautiful – everything about God is beautiful.

It isn’t just His features. His glory is beautiful. His love is beautiful. The atmosphere around Him is beautiful. The grace that pours out of Him is beautiful. The peace that flows from Him is beautiful.

Everything about Him is captivating. He is larger than life, and when you look upon Him, it is easy to believe that NOTHING is impossible with God.

He is your champion. He fights with you. He fights for you. He is EVERYTHING you will ever need.


He invited me up, and I found myself with Him in the clouds.

We floated on these clouds, and He laughed at the astonished look on my face. Even His laugh is beautiful.

I felt humbled and honored to be with Him.

He knew what I was thinking, and He said, “I am honored that you came to seek Me.”

Wow! God is so loving and so kind.

I said, “I’m honored to be here with You, Father.”

I gave Him a big hug, and we talked about things that I have been praying and contending for. He gave me so many confirmations that I needed to hear.

Being with God is almost unexplainable. There is so much love and peace that emanates from Him.

I so needed this today. Thank You, Father, for always encouraging me and teaching me the hard things. He is good.

As we continued to float in the clouds, I knew He had a word that He wanted to share.

He said, “There is much going on in the spirit realm in preparation for what is coming. My angels are on assignment. My children in Heaven are praying for what is coming. My children on earth are praying, also.

It brings Me such joy to see the unity of all that are praying to defeat your enemy.

You will continue to feel the intensity of what is happening around you in the spirit realm. It will increase, and it will pour over into the natural realm.

There is nothing I don’t know about. Don’t let the enemy deceive you into thinking I don’t care. He is the father of lies, and you will soon know TRUTH that will change the history of mankind.

If you want to be a part of what I am doing – seek Me. I am giving DIVINE INTEL to the ones that seek Me intimately.

I am sharing DIVINE INTEL with the ones that I trust deeply.

This revelation will assist you in our defeat of the enemy. I am providing My children with EVERYTHING they need for the changes and TRUTHS that are coming.

Nothing is too hard for Me. Nothing is impossible for Me.

I will deliver My promises. I will not hold anything back from you.

If your heart is stirred when you hear this word, it’s because I have placed something deep within you that will be birthed. It will come to fruition.

Don’t doubt what you are feeling. Seek Me, and I will give you DIVINE INTEL on what you are to do with what is inside of you.

I will rejoice with you on the day that what I have placed inside of you comes bursting out!

You have no idea how much this blesses Me! And even more so when you seek Me to grow what is inside of you.

My blessings and favor are pouring over you.

Come. Seek Me so I may share My joy with you.

And you, My child, are My JOY! Let Me share things about you that you don’t even know – things that I have been preparing you to receive.

Step up! Come up – so I may show you how to step into your calling.

I so love you.

Are you ready to hear your own DIVINE INTEL?

All you have to do is seek Me. I am here.”

Wow! What a mighty God we serve.

His message is clear. He has more for you. He has placed something within you that needs to be explored. Do you know what it is?

He is asking for you to come up higher so He can give you His Divine Intel on everything you will ever need to know about your life.

The invitation is there. All you have to do is answer His call. Seek Him. God always shares His secrets with His friends.

No matter what obstacle is in front of you – it is not too big for your God. He will absolutely guide and protect you through the storm – through the wilderness – through the hard and scary things that the enemy is trying to destroy you with.

Trust in Him. May His peace that surpasses all understanding guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:7)

In His love,