“My children, rest assured that I know everything, and they will not get away with it!”

What they are doing in the dark will be brought to light.

Once again, I am truly amazed at our Father. He has so much to say, and all we have to do is sit with Him. Today, I was struggling a little bit with everyday life stuff, but as I sat with Him, it all went away, and He had much He wanted to say.

“Many of you are asking when will this end? Why is this happening? What is going on? Where is God?”

“I am here! I am right here. My children have allowed the enemy to infiltrate every area of their lives. The enemy has people in place at every level, and they are controlling the narrative. I am putting a stop to this!”

“More and more of My children are awakening to what is going on. It has been building for years. I have been waiting for you to say ENOUGH! Because of your prayers, because of your tears – I am here to put a stop to it. Because you have said ENOUGH, it is coming to an end.”

“I, the Lord God, will take this current administration out and place My chosen one there. Do not fear what you hear. Do not fear what you see. I am in the midst of the chaos, and I will put a stop to all of it.”

“This season you are in requires strength, stamina, faith, and trust in Me. The counterfeits will be thrown out! The false narrative is coming to an end.”

I was then taken into a vision. I saw a door. I looked down and I had a key in my hand. I unlocked the door and opened it. In this room was a very long table. I saw the current President and Vice President. I saw previous presidents and many other corrupt people controlling the media and the money behind this operation.

There were no windows in this room. The lighting was poor. The walls were made of cement. I knew they were underground. All of these people were seated at this long table, and they were
clearly arguing.

I then looked and saw four of God’s warrior angels posted in each corner. They were watching, listening, and taking notes. A wave of revelation hit me. God knows everything. He sees and He hears everything they are doing. There is no place for them to hide that God can’t get to.

I then saw a large map spread across the table. It was a map of the entire world, and there were red pins marking every single country around the world. I knew in my spirit that this meant the enemy had infiltrated every single country. The corruption runs deep.

The people in this room continued to argue, trying to come up with new ideas to continue their evil plan.

I then heard God speak, “There is no where for them to hide. There is nothing they can do. I am stripping the power they have abused from every single one of them.”

“I am preparing My children to fill the gap when these evil ones are destroyed.”

“Prepare! Get ready! The evil one’s time is up! Their plan will not succeed. What they have plotted and planned will come to light. My Light is coming.”

“My children – rest assured that I know everything, and they will not get away with it!”

“My truth is coming. I love each of you so much,” says the Lord God Almighty.

Our God is good! He continues to reassure us that He’s got this. He knows, and He is taking care or it. We have to remember that His ways are better than our ways. Keep praying, keep standing on faith, and hold on…it’s almost over. Amen!